Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Curse you Blogger!

I had finished and wrapped up my awesome post all about how Drugs Are Bad and stuff, but Blogger elected not to save my changes, despite me pressing "save now" and lying to me. Way to be dishonest, Blogger. You know that broken trust is hard to repair, and I highly doubt I will ever ask you to watch my cat when I go on vacation. You'd probably forget to feed him, drink all my rum, and run up my pay-per-view bill.

Thanks for sucking, Blogger. First the UN-saving of my precious Word Art, and now you're getting drunk in my house and starving my cat. Douche.

Basically, I would love to keep writing Friends, and as a quick sidenote did I mention that I'd like to take to calling you all my Flying Monkeys? Because I totally want to. I mean, you're the Flying Monkeys, I'm the Wicked Witch, yo. I think it works out for all of us. It's the creative analogy that just keeps giving.

Anyway, I'd like to finish my awesome Tribute to the Mysterious Powers of Vicodin, but I have a date with the "sanitize" setting on my washer; as Princess caught a bit of the Dread Poop Disease last night and threw up.....everywhere. (Had she thrown up everywhere hours earlier, I could have saved two hours spent at the MedCheck convinced she had appendicitis.)

(Dude, as my dad likes to remind me - doctors who graduate at the top of the class advertise, but the ones at the bottom end up SOMEwhere. I'm always convinced I'll see one of those scholastic wonders at the MedCheck.)(The doctor was fine.)(I'm not saying he was stupid.)(I'm just saying I'm paranoid.)

So. I'll be cleaning today, and writing later. Send your hate mail to Blogger and sign it "Sammo's Flying Monkey Squadron".