Monday, June 21, 2010

Hosting the Party that Rocked the Party

Remember when you were young and free and full of crap joy and when staying up late meant shutting that place DOWN at 3 am and you rolled out of bed sometime the next day and ate a few quarter pounders and life was sweet?

Yes. Well.

Treasure those memories. Because it's ALLLL you have of the good old days.

*I'd like to note for the record that Father's Day was yesterday, and my dad is a great dad and very dad-like in nature and I sent him a card and everything. Okay technically I didn't catch the mailman the other day but I'm sure he'll get his card sometime before Wednesday and I totally did call him. Oh, and The Man is a wonderful daddy too and I cooked him bacon even though I totally love EATING bacon but cooking it gives me bacon-hair and that is NOT attractive at all. This concludes our momentary recognition of Father's Day.*

This weekend was our party/BBQ and once everyone got here I could at least STOP the CLEANING. I was so, so glad to stop cleaning. Of course now I have to resume cleaning because I still haven't gotten all the melted chocolate off the chocolate fountain yet. I should have taken a picture of it. It was lovely. Instead, here is what the chocolate fountain did to Cassanova:

He's rocking the rare chocolate goatee look.

And see, since we're all old and decrepit and practically in Depends, staying up late actually meant all the Responsible Adults with Children left by 11, and The Man and I cleaned up a bit and hit our bed by 11:30 or so. Crazy! Then, because our kids have alarm clocks in their HEADS, we were alll awake by 7:30.

Since we're even older than dirt and we rode to school on wooly mammoths, having this sort of crazy night means that you're actually tired for several days! So I'm really still recovering right now. I still have some chocolate fountain parts to scrub, and I promised myself I'd work out today. I'm probably lying to myself. It's just not right. I should be honest with myself and admit that I have virtually NO interest in my weight room at present.

So, since we've discussed that I'm not just old but tired too, I'll regale you with pictures of our fabulous party that you weren't invited to - but just because you're lurking somewhere in the Russian Federation (true story) and not because you're not hella-cool. Because I'm sure you are.

This is my biff-for-about-982-years T. Jo. She insisted on many different pole shots, until someone's husband shouted "Hey, you're bogarting the pole!" You have to spin, spin, PASS - everyone knows that.

Here I am, tending the bar and standing funny. I've just given myself a complex about my posture. And convinced myself that I should, in fact, work out.

This is my Official Favorite Party Picture! It's (left-to-right) K. Jo, T. Jo, Sammo (me - Your Favorite Writer) Roobs, and since I haven't come up with a catchy name for her, we'll call her DH. Also, since I am HIGHLY neurotic (in a good way!) I'll point out that I feel much better about my posture in this picture, so I might not have to work out today. Technically. I'd also like to add that Ms. K. Jo is holding the jell-o shot that I accidentally drop down her shirt about 5 minutes after this picture is taken. Seriously. I was totally kidding and THEN the jell-o fell out all in her chesticular region. I know. I sort of suck. But it was still really funny because what *isn't* hilarious about jell-o boobs? Exactly.

When I posted this picture of The Man out on our newly restored non-Ghetto deck on Facebook, he commented that he'd been "looking at an asteroid" - I really know not what it means. Whatever. Look at invisible comets too for all I care. But take your shirt off, it's hot and you'd be more comfortable that way...

Here's another one of me, K. Jo and Roobs in the bar: We look like a promo shot for a drunken crime fighting team! Like Charlie's Angels, only with shinier, flatter hair and more booze.

So that's it, Friends, hope you enjoyed the pictures of a party you may or may not (depending) have attended. (The Man, if you're checking my AWESOME blog from your desk, it's probably hot at work, take your shirt off and send me a picture...But then put it back on because seriously, you should really try to stay professional.)

Comments, questions, help me clean the choco-fountain?