Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Get 'Em Up Against The Wall

As I noted in today's (first) Facebook update, there are things that happen that are very confusing and confounding in life - things you never expect to happen and that shock and awe you when they do!

Things like winning the lottery.

Or getting a book published.

Or finding a babysitter last-minute so you can actually LEAVE your house!

None of these things happened to me, I'm just giving examples here people. (Trust me, had I won the lottery, we'd be having this conversation via my laptop in St. Thomas.)

What DID happen was I ended up watching half of Pink Floyd's The Wall with The Man. Sure, you think, that is NOT shocking, nor full of awe. But yes, yes it IS Friends.

While The Man has capitulated to my musical tastes over the years, including putting up with stuff he'd NEVER listen to by himself, he REALLY dislikes vintage/classic/highly awesome (depending) music. Which is fine. Potato, poTAHto and all that.

So imagine my surprise when, after he'd come downstairs from saying goodnight to our little angels (heh), he not just watched some of The Wall, but for some reason, recorded it.

He doesn't like Floyd. I know. It's okay. Just deep breathe a few times and light a candle for his immortal soul his different taste in music. Not everyone likes Pink Floyd but they probably like Hitler.

And the thing is, I am SO CONFUSED by The Wall. The reason? Um, I'm normally totally sober. I only saw the movie ONE TIME in my life, after a night of teenage debauchery with mah friendses, and was all, hey, shaved eyebrows, weirrrrd, who's up for McDonald's breakfast sandwiches? Woo!

So yeah. I still think it's WEIRD. And then trying to explain it to The Man, who was all, but this movie is for people on DRUGS, and I'm all, YEAH, and see, that right there IS the Wall, but he's constructed his OWN wall, and hell, yeah, I'm too sober for this. Close your eyes, the music is good. And then it's ANIMATED which is weird too and I'm all - you know, I vaguely remember the marching hammers which I'm sure make sense in some facist-analogy way....but still, wayyyy too sober.

Voila! Marching hammers:

And the fun thing is when I was searching for that delightful picture to share with you Homies, there were about 500 different web sites - with titles like "Exploring The Wall" or "Analyzing The Wall" or "Symbolism and The Wall." It sounds like so much fun, why don't we all get in the infamous Circle of Interpretation, shall we? And postulate as to why Pink would shave his eyebrows and WHAT THAT HAIR LOSS REALLY MEANS!

Or we could all stick our hands into a blender.

Choices, choices.

I'm sticking with my original thesis: The Wall music rocks hardcore, and the movie is for watching OOD - that's Only On Drugs. If you don't have any, you're just outta luck. You should probably just go and finish unloading the dishwasher anyway.

Comments, questions, are there any fans in the theater tonight? Up against The Wall...