Monday, May 10, 2010

Ladies and Gents, We've Hit a Milestone!

We here at ETGJ (and by "we" I mean the royal "we" so grammatically that really means "me" the singular) strive to bring you fresh brewed neurosis and hilarity hand-in-hand, almost every single day. It's WORK people, all to fulfill your NEEDS. And since I've only been faithfully posting since September, I was pretty happy to see my stat counter roll over 1,000 this weekend.

I know what you're thinking - because I'm psychic like that. Yes. There ARE a lot of blogs (lesser blogs to be sure, by paid people who ALREADY have REAL jobs and just do this stuff on the SIDE and don't even keep themselves up at night imagining a pretty turn of phrase) who get about 1,000 hits a day. I know that. I keep my eye on that prize (as well as my mind on my money and my money on my mind).

So far I've had some comments and a few props from Nationally Recognized Famous Bloggers. *jazz hands* I've even had a dash of Blog Drama, thrown in for seasoning. (Not *that* exciting, so don't worry that I haven't shared.)

I know that a large part of my readers wander over from links I post on Facebook, or from comments I left somewhere else, or even from weird searches - which of course, are my favorite. I don't care what brings you here, I'm just glad you came! So, without further ado...

This week's Search Winners:

"what do autobots eat" - I'm pretty thrilled to get a nod in an autobot search. *Everyone* knows that I really hope to one day actually DRIVE an autobot. I think that since they're highly-advanced sentient robots from space though, that they don't actually EAT the way you and I do. I mean, they might top off the old tank with some oil now and again, but they're probably powered by some sort of clean energy and I'm not THAT much of a nerd to know what it's called...

"what happens if you swallow a carpenter bee" - My guess is NOTHING good, nothing good at ALL. I'm not sure if this already happened and you had to rush to the computer to search it, or if you're taking bets with your friends and just wondering if this WERE to happen, how it might go.... Regardless, young genius, avoid swallowing any bee the size of a softball. Just good advice really.

"bra jell" - Oh the post that keeps on giving. Heads up, GEL is spelled with a 'G' - that should really open some doors for you. Otherwise, enjoy reading my blather.

So thanks anyone and everyone who's ever spared 3-5 minutes out of your busy day to read my blog. I love doing it, I love hearing feedback, I love interacting with you all, and someday, maybe someday, it'll be MY book on your book club list and you'll be wearing the t-shirt... (Of course this would mean I'd actually WRITTEN a book, so let's not get all delusional here.) Keep coming back - here's to the next 1,000! Let's get crackin'!

Comments, questions, hit that stat counter!



Kirsten said...

You could always put all of your blogs together and make a book out of it! It would be like a modern day Anne Frank, without the Nazis and hiding of course!! I would read it!

Sammo said...

It would definitely be more entertaining than my real diary! And at least I'd have one reader... :) Now to find a publisher!