Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Grand Inquisitor

Recently, I made the mistake of calling Princess' attention to what I then referred to as "the bluebird of spring" - and basically, he's just this little guy:

Yep. A basic Eastern bluebird. But in *OUR* house, now and forever more, he is the Bluebird of Spring. Period. Try calling him a "bluebird" - go ahead, I dare you. Princess' sprightly 5 year old head will swivel and her chocolatey brown eyes will burn as if you've dared to insult the all the saints, the Holy Septology of Disney Royalty AND her MOTHER, all in one breath.

"It's NOT a BLUEBIRD. It is the BLUEBIRD. OF. SPRING!" She will announce this with all the certainty and terror of an Inquisition Priest. (Really, she may have missed her calling by gender and a few centuries.)(She's just really forceful and, um, certain in her Divine Righteousness - so I'm guessing those are traits of Grand Inquisitors, no?)(For the record, I've not only seen the Mel Brooks version, I've also read Dostoyevski, so. Yeah.)

Our Mission this week was to find a house for the Bluebird of Spring. Not just ANY house would do, no, he had to have a special one - preferably like a castle. Riiiight. What the !@#$@#$ Bluebird of Spring *got* was one lovingly crafted $3 shanty from the Dollar Store. And you know what, he'll LIKE it too.

At least, I certainly hope he does. Heh, that's right honey.....the Bluebird of Spring LOVES his house.


Comments, questions, inquisitions?