Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Day in The Life - An ETGJ Guest Blog

Today, precious reader-hearts, I got a gift in my inbox, and I didn't even ask for it. I've talked to several BFFs and opened my generous door (how can a door be generous? Through the magic of the pathetic fallacy my friends. Not to be confused with phallus, which is a WHOLE different kind of business.) to Guest Bloggers. I have several ladies with ideas, but no actual text. And dammit, I need TEXT.

This blog doesn't function on ideas alone! (Nor on caffeine, codeine, ibuprofin, Coke Zero or the musical stylings of Alice in Chains.) No, sir, I need good hard text. And today, well, I woke up thinking I would regale you with the Anniversary Dinner that Took Forever Because Our Server Had a Party of 18 People but I was annoyed enough THEN and why share that with you good people? Exactly.

So when I opened my email today, what to my wondering eyes did appear? TEXT! An email with a Word attachment (okay it wasn't actually Word, which makes me wonder WHAT sort of program my friend was using because it opened in something weird, but anywayyyy...) filled full of a blog she'd written just for YOU people. I know. You should send her a gift card to Dunkin Donuts or an envelope with cash. (Let's be honest though, you don't send that to ME, so really, you all have some 'splaining to do if you send it to her first. I'm a fair but jealous mistress.)

So without futher ado, while I go and nebulize my lungs into breathing bliss, please enjoy the written word of my BFF-since-I-was-five-years-old....Ms. K.Jo!

A day in the life:
It goes a little something like this: My morning starts off at 6:30 AM and hearing my 3 year old son saying, “Mommy, Milo (the cat) is in my room.” You see ,I normally close his door at night for this very reason, but last night ….well, I just didn’t. A little background on Aiden: in one word - nonstop. The boy doesn’t stop moving or talking unless he is asleep (even then he talks in his sleep).

So, after taking his sister to school, Aiden and I went to Target to kill some time before heading to the health club. Aiden is in a costume phase, and today he started off the day wearing his police uniform. While at Target, Aiden noticed that there were police officers sitting in the cafĂ© (I noticed them before he did and was trying to distract him, but no such luck). Now we had to talk to them, you see, and ask them 101 questions about their attire and why they “are not out getting the bad guys.”

One of the police officers was kind enough to give Aiden a police badge sticker (I could tell he didn’t want it, but he took it). After saying goodbye we were next to the exit and Aiden started freaking out about the sticker…you see, I was right and he didn’t want the sticker. He wanted me to take it back to them. I said, “let’s keep it for your sister,” - his response, “NO!! ” His arms and legs were going everywhere, so I took him to return the sticker…sigh….

After the club we headed to Marsh where they have wonderful things like a racecar in the middle of the store on display. Who even thought this would be a good idea? A MAN no doubt! Agh, Aiden wanted to go in this nice racecar, so I had to try to explain why we couldn’t do that, then distract him with the lobsters. (Thank God for the lobsters!)We finally got to the checkout and he demanded to see the lobsters again, but I said no; and then he asked the cashier if she were a man (she wasn‘t). Lord help me!

Moving on, we got home and Aiden had now changed into Batman, and was climbing on things and jumping from them because he’s a superhero. Abby was home from school and the children were playing nicely (highly uncommon!) but bedtime rolled around, and Aiden lost his mind (once again). My patience at this point was nonexistent - the boy child had taken every ounce. (After 14.5 hours with him who could blame me for this?!)

I was trying to get him dressed and he was messing around, and then Aiden informed me that “Mommys are supposed to be GOOD.“ I let him know that when HE would be good, *I* would be good. Congratulations, I am now a 5 year old…LOL! And tonight the bedroom door is closed!