Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bedazzle this Thing

I wouldn't be much of a writer if I didn't *occasionally* suffer from writer's block, now would I? That is rhetorical, although frankly, if you want to weigh in on what I like to call Face-Punching-the-Muse (band name!) go for it.

Honestly, I've sort of hit a cross-roads. I love blogging. I'm not famous yet. I'm not going to conferences, printing out adorably relevant business cards, nor sitting on the tour bus with Disturbed. (I'm not sure how I thought my blog would enable that last one, but I'm pretty sure it *should*.) I'm not getting all hand-me-the-prozac and pleasepass the rum on this, but honestly, I mean HONESTLY, I'd like to get more readership. Then again, so would the nice people at Good Housekeeping, who keep sending me plaintive letters filled with coupons. (I'm pretty sure they're now offering me four years at -.05 a copy.)(They are offering to pay ME to read it.)(Not really. Take a joke, Good Housekeeping.)

I take my writing seriously; far, FAR more seriously than I take myself, but then again, that shouldn't surprise you. My BEST best friends in the Real World (not the show)(we're not whores) don't *actually* read my blog. Random strangers, and my best friend K. Jo's MOM do. My own mom earned a free pass with all the angsty teen poetry I pestered her with back in the summer of ninety-screven. I love all my readers. I would knit them all doilies if I could. I mean, if I knit. I don't knit because I assume knitting is for people with hand-eye coordination, patience and less children. Or any combination thereof. But I will MENTALLY knit you all coffee cozies, just for reading. I love you THAT much.

I just want to go bigger. I mean, if I could BEDAZZLE this thing, yeah, THAT might do it. (That also sounds suspiciously like it involves more code issues, so. Maybe not.) I want to do MORE. But how, dear readers, how?

That's rhetorical or not. You pick. Either way you're getting a mental coffee cozy, so it's really win-win.

Comments, questions, suggestions?