Friday, April 9, 2010

Yard Sale Season Hath Begun

Here in the glorious Mid-West, Spring is in full bloom, which means that Yard Sale Season has also begun...with a vengeance. If you're not familiar with Yard Sale Season, allow me to explain. It's C R A Z Y. People here treat yard-saling: 1. as a verb and 2. as a competitive contact sport.

I'm not a gold medalist in yard saling but I know people who are. They peruse the newspaper listings the night before, highlight the sales, make a rudimentary map and head out before 8 am. Everyone knows that while technically there may be "no early birds" - you simply MUST get there by 8 or "the good stuff is gone."

The Man is a yard saler. We'll be driving to the store, with a specific agenda, and the next thing I know, he's doing a hard right turn into some random subdivision.

What are you DOING?

Didn't you see the yard sale sign?

What, the one the size of a post-it note? Not really.

They might have something for the basement.

Sure. Whatever.

He's like a crow and anything shiny; he sees 'yard sale' and he just HAS to check. They might be selling power tools, or the infamous "something for the basement." See, our basement has no central over-riding theme, other than it will end up looking like a TGI Friday's when we're done. (I can't say much since I impulse bought one of those movie clappers - you know, the square things they smack and say 'ACTION!'- on eBay a week ago....)

If you even mention yard sales to The Man, he'll regale you with That Time I Lost the XBox 360 by Only 2 Minutes. It's about as riveting as it sounds. The kicker? The guy selling it had NO IDEA what it was worth and sold the game console and 10 games for $10. No lie. The Man was aghast. (After The Man told the poor yard sale guy that he sold his kid's system for about, oh, $200 below value, I'm sure the GUY was aghast too.)

Yeah, usually we don't get those deals. When I deign to drag my regal butt out the front door with the two adorable hobgoblins in tow, I manage to find the ONE yard sale in the entire state where they OVERcharge for everything. Ever see one of those? You're looking around going, yeahhhhh, a $20 toy race car with one wheel that doesn't spin? Riiiiiight.

But that's why I stalk Craigslist. You don't have to mess with parking OR oldsters elbowing you out of the way. I DEFINITELY have a bronze medal in Craigslisting.

Comments, questions, do you yard sale?