Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Weight Trainer&trade

The other night I was watching tv when a commercial came on: for a shoe that is supposed to tone you up and shrink your fat self WITHOUT ANY EXERCISE! What sort of magic shoe, you ask? Behold:

(I covered the logo - nice touch right?)

Aaaanyway, according to *Paid Endorsers*, this shoe will help you lose weight, tone muscles and save endangered lemurs around the world.


I mean, really??? All I have to do to lose that pesky last five pounds is wear a shoe with a toy boat glued on the bottom?


Well, as I am an innovator of sorts, I'd like to show you the prototype *I* have developed to help you lose weight and shape your calves. I call it the Weight Trainer&trade:

Now, since I don't actually have a working model yet, you can see this is only the rough design. Think of the possibilities! You'll burn calories like Jillian on crystal meth when you strap on the Weight Trainer &trade!

Available in 5, 10 and 15 lb dumb bell options. Not recommended for airport travel.

Comments, questions, want to buy a pair?