Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Solving Life's Mysteries

Today I'm going to blow your minds. Ready? I think that this very season of American Idol proves that reincarnation is a possibility! I know I'm always telling you that I am NOT Buddhist (way too much work and I have a short attention span) but I'm just saying that *maybe* it happens on occasion. As in, maybe you're up enjoying the Great Gig in the Sky (where are my PF fans, eh, eh?) and you decide you'd like to come back and try it all again.

What the hell does American Idol have to do with this idiotic brilliant theory of the Afterlife?

Meet Crystal Bowersox, aka One of the Two Reasons I'm Still Watching This Season. (The other is that kooky Siobhan - the guys bore me to tears.)

Here's Crystal:

Does she REMIND you of anyone? Hmmmmm? How about THIS famous lady?

Who's that?! What, seriously, you've lived this long and you really don't know? Oh I know, you grew up when "boy bands" were popular, and I wasn't around to taint your jell-o and smack you upside the head with a dvd of The Wall and help you out. Well don't worry, Mommy's here now to make it all better. THAT is Janis Joplin.

Who I am pretty sure is *actually* reincarnated in Crystal Bowersox. As if the physical appearance weren't enough - they SOUND amazingly similar. When Crystal performed Bobby McGee? Chills people, I got chills. And that's what happens when a dead rock legend reincarnates and performs on a cheesy pop show - you get chills. It is what the scientists call "empirical evidence." Okay, probably not really.

(But if you didn't recognize Janis, you should probably go pray the rosary. Just because it *might* be a sin. And it'll give you something to do until tomorrow's post.)

So, I've pretty much cleared up this whole "is there life after death" question AND proven that reincarnation is ALSO possible. You're welcome.

Comments, questions, take another little piece of my heart?