Thursday, April 29, 2010

Snap Ya Fingers

I am alive today, although I don't want to jinx anything so I won't tell you I'm better. I'm not out of Plague woods just yet. (I also didn't get any buboes, which is sort of disappointing really; maybe they would have given me some cleavage? Just saying. I could have totally pretended they were part of my chest. Until I died, which would have killed THAT party.)

Since it's sort of a law in my house that at least one kid has to watch an annoying Nick Jr show within my ear shot, I was suffering my way through Ni Hao Kai Lan yesterday while I tried to fold clothes. (And was waiting for the Angel of Death, so we could play chess like in that old Ingmar Bergman film I had to watch and write a thesis on. Ahhh, good times. - Except that I have no idea how to play chess and Death would probably win. Although technically I think that chess was a metaphor and I TOTALLY win at metaphors. So maybe I'd righteously smite DEATH and that would be sweet.)

I heard Kai Lan yelling what sounded exactly like "YAY-UHHHH!" and so of course I thought of Lil' John. What, you didn't? And I asked Princess who or what "YAY-UH" was and she announced from the computer, very bored sounding actually, "That is Kai Lan's Grandpa!!!" Oh. I see. So she isn't imitating a rap star. Or asking for what I remember hearing one of my ex-crack heads call cocaine. That's good to see. I was almost ready to write a scathing letter to Nick Jr.

"Dear Nick Jr, I don't know WHO is in charge of your programming (I suspect stoners), but while I wholeheartedly enjoy all the 'adult' references on Spongebob, I'm pretty sure you shouldn't be teaching preschoolers slang for China White (notice: also slang), nor introducing them to Lil' John songs (although I often shake my money maker to them). PS - Can you please put Dora back in high rotation so my son stops sobbing through that show with the autistic bunny? Yours Truly, Sammo"

This is Kai Lan's Grandpa:

But it SOUNDS like Kai Lan is saying this:

So Ni Hao friends! Take a listen sometime and see what YOU think!

Comments, questions, got any yay-uh!