Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Search Me

After yesterday's walk on the somber side, I'm back to my usual fluffy and pointless blather. *and there was much rejoicing* yay!*

So with the awesome power of my new stat counter, I can see what brings you little readers into my domain. Mwhahahaaaaaa.....

And sometimes it's google searches.

Searches like:

How to dress tranny Do I know? I mean, if you're a dude, I can give you pointers on appearing more chick-like; but I'm not really the Cher/Madonna/Lady Gaga tranny icon that I probably COULD be if I worked it. And if you're trying to go the other way, I don't have a clue. I cover myself daily in as much jewelry, makeup and hairspray to knock a far lesser female over, so as far as looking manly if you're a lady? No ideas here. But thanks for stopping by Hopeful Tranny! Best of luck in your quest! Come back anytime.

Can you pleasepull my dad up in jell Hmmmm. On first inspection, I'm awash in a mixture of confusion, pity and fear. I'm assuming someone out there is trying to find his or her father, who may or may not be incarcerated. I'm guessing that "jell" really means JAIL? And we're just witnessing some serious spelling issues combined with the power of the internet? Or maybe it's really GEL and someone is hoping for a giant crane to get old dad out of some sort of horrible quicksand? That's freaky too. Good luck, sir. Good luck either way.

and my personal favorite....

What happens if you only eat jello Well, I'm going out on a limb here and thinking you miiiiiight have some sort of eating disorder. Or you're working to develop one. Don't get me wrong, Jell-o is all sorts of fun, *especially* the way I make it. I wouldn't recommend eating nothing but jell-o though. I'm pretty sure you would end up thin, and possibly... with scurvy. I'm not sure, because you might sneak some Vitamin C in with the fruity flavors, but yeah, you'd probably get scurvy. And scurvy my friends? NOT HOT. Unless you dig pirates with no teeth. And then? Well, stock up at the store and jell-o away.

So there you go....some of the best searches that have come my way so far. There was one involving hair color but, well, that's just OBVIOUS. Until next time, here's to google and ETGJ bringing people TOGETHER. Ish.

Comments, questions, what's your relevant search?