Friday, April 30, 2010


Well this one is going to be short and sweet, just like Your Favorite Writer herself. (I'm not really THAT short. Technically, I'm "average" - but I'm pretty sure God intended me to be about 5.7" which is why I always get heels when possible.) (And the sweet part, as always, is debatable.)(Really I think I'm more Sweet/Tart, but only if I can be the pink ones because they are the BEST.)

My voice sounds like a cross between this:

and this:


That'd be a cross between a famous drag queen and the crypt keeper. (And don't ask me why Ru's pic is so big. I'm guessing it's because even in her photo code she's all DIVA. Work it girl!)

Basically I'm useless around the house. The kids are all "What? WHAT??? We can't HEAR YOU!" Oh ha dee ha HA! So I'm thumping on walls and squeaking and stamping my feet and then sounding all Ru-Keeper in between.

Is it a bad sign when the pharmacist LAUGHS at you? I'd say yes.

And my steroids are doing jack all for my ASS-ma, so I'm sort of doing one of THESE while I wait to un-inflame. (It IS a verb now.)

Seriously, if you want to know what ASS-ma is like, suck on a straw to get air while a 20 pound cat sits on your chest. (But I wouldn't advise taking pictures because it might look.....weird.)

The good news is that we're all heading to Grandma's house soon. YAY! Have a good weekend everyone, Ru-Keeper says so!

Comments, questions, got air?