Monday, April 26, 2010

PVC Your Ride

I live out in the 'burbs of a bustling big-ish city, so I'm assuming that when you get right down to it, there's a LOT of crazy running around on our public roads. Everyone knows that Large Cities = Crazy People. I mean, really. It's a given.

Yesterday when I was driving home, I was stuck at at red light and watched a beat up Honda circa 1983 drive past. Picture it friends, rust and yellow, with rust clearly winning the battle for vehicle supremacy. And on the passenger side? Someone had mounted a twisted mass of PVC pipe. You know, like this:

Only whomever this urban inventor was, s/he had added some elbows so it curved a bit - to resemble some sort of mad scientist pvc cannon.

I wish I had been quick enough on the uptake to whip out ye olde cell phone camera and document this odd event; but by the time I was all "what the...???" the Yellow Honda had zipped on past and I couldn't see the mounted pvc hardware anymore. I mean, I could have followed the car, but that's something that Women Driving Alone don't really want to do a whole lot. (Ladies take some notes: I'm full of helpful info like this.)

So what WAS it??? A weapon of some kind? A potato gun? An extension of a very disturbing horn? Or did that driver just like to pretend (as I do friends) that s/he had a Death Ray mounted to the car? (Trust me, if I actually HAD a death ray, the roads in my city would be practically barren.)(Then I start feeling bad about fantasizing about an actual death ray and decide I'd be fine with a ray that relocates cars to the shoulder of the road.)(I'm a total humanitarian.)

Anyway. I have no flippin' idea what this crazy person had epoxied to the side of his/her Honda, but I'm ragingly curious, and mildly envious. Let me know if you have heard tell of such things.

Comments, questions, do you epoxy PVC to your ride?


alonewithcats said...

I'm a purist. I don't even put bumper stickers on my car. So I can only assume that PVC piping is not something that would appeal to me. I'm wondering if maybe the PVC is a way for the driver to compensate for something small in his life. I'm not sure what that teeny-tiny, microscopic thing could be. I will brainstorm and get back to you if I think of something a man would have that is embarrassingly miniscule that he might feel the need to compensate for. With phallic-shaped PVC pipes. I'm stumped. Truly.

Sammo said...

I don't know what it would be either. But it must be sad. And probably lonely. Unless it's a woman driver and then? Well then I AM confused.