Sunday, April 25, 2010

Leprosy and a Saturday Night

Saturday night we watched a show about leprosy - what, you were doing something cooler than that? Well no thank you, sir. It was on National Geographic, now called "Nat Geo" to add, possibly, a bit of cool. Again, no thank you sir. I was raised on National Geographic and watching lions eat gazelles on the freaking Serengeti and I don't need to call it "Nat Geo" because it's always been cool in my house.

Anyway, I learned some things, as I tend to do when watching these shows. First thing?

There are STILL leper colonies in the world! Sheah! I know! And I'm sitting there, eating popcorn and drinking pomegranate crystal light and I'm yelling "They have ANTIBIOTICS NOW! Seriously, where are Doctors Without Borders or something?" The tv lepers did not hear me.

Leprosy can cause blindness too, but it makes the pupils looks all milky - so victims' eyes are all cloudy and white. I should mention that The Man has problems watching anything even vaguely medical in nature. Seriously, we watched about 1.8 minutes of "Dr. G" (you know, the medical examiner on Discovery Channel) and he had nightmares and I had to talk him down from some palpitations. So he immediately started freaking out about the Leprosy Eye Guy.

"I don't know if I should watch this before bed."
"Yeah probably not."
"What is wrong with his eyes?! He looks like a carp!"
"A what???"
"A carp, you know, the fish? Have you ever caught a carp?"
"Do I LOOK like the kind of girl who's out catching CARP???"
"Well my brother and I went fishing once and we caught one but we didn't know it and we thought it was just a huge bass but it was the scariest fish ever. We threw it back."
"I would totally throw a scary fish back."
"I hate carp. And catfish. They're gross."
"Heck yeah they are. They are very scary. But they taste good fried with some lemon."

So these are the conversations we have. On a swingin' Saturday night while watching a documentary about leprosy.

Another fun fact? Lepers are STILL kicked out of villages. (It's 2010! Antibiotics!) In certain regions it's a spiritual fear as well as a medical one, i.e., in Buddhism and Hinduism, your leprosy is your bad karma and you can just take THAT on out the village yo. The moral of the story? Sucks to be Buddhist if you have leprosy! You'd better just convert to Christianity and find some nice nuns and such who have (say it with me) ANTIBIOTICS and no fear of your past-life karma.

Anyway, so now I know leprosy is still alive and well and thank God I'm not visiting Nepal anytime soon. See, you can get rid of leprosy, but you can't regenerate a hand, so I'm just going to avoid it altogether. Good life plan, no?

And as weird as this post is, it could have been worse. We did watch TWO National Geographic specials! (The other one? Prostitution and the Disabled. I'm saving it for a rainy day.)

Comments, questions, do you Nat Geo?