Monday, March 8, 2010

Soundtrack for Fancy

Princess walked up to me wearing a black velvet and tulle sparkly dress that has been in her closet for awhile. She asked me to see some other dresses she'd just "found" and when I headed into her bright pink room, mirror covered with sparkles, butterfly canopy over her white curvy daybed, what did I hear?


See, she has a radio that we leave on static at night for white noise. (Shut up if you're going to freak me out about that EVP thing and dead people chatting through static.) During the day she'll turn the dial and find a radio station, and today, she felt like getting fancy to a little o' the old Dr. Feelgood.

He's the one who makes you FEEL GOOD, he's the one who makes you feel ALL RIGHT. He's the one they call Doctor FEEEEEL GOOOOOD.......

Yep. It's conclusive. Even if she didn't look like my shrunken head, I'm pretty sure she's my kid.

We're both full of FANCY with a touch o' the hardcore. It's a burden to be so multifaceted, let me tell you.

He's the one they call FEEL GOOOOOD! OW!

Comments, questions, how do you get the Fancy on?