Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Little Chef and Me

I'll warn you up front homies, today I'm busy and have to get this party started. There are groceries to buy, full seasons of Rome to pick up from Ye Old Library, and books to renew because I'm pretty sure they're actually lost forever.

Last night I had already prepared most of dinner and things were cooking in the oven and microwave when Princess wandered in. (As a back story, she calls herself the Little Chef and insists on helping most nights, unless there's a new iCarly on.)

Me: "Sorry honey, I'm almost done."
Princess: "But I want to get my stool out!"
Me: "I've already cooked everything."
Princess: "Well I am going to cook dinner from NOW ON!"
Me: (trying for humor) "You can't cook, you don't have the recipes."
Princess: "Yes I do! A, b, c, d, eeeee, f g...."
Me: "Uh, that's not a recipe. That's the alphabet song."
Princess: "I can make alphabet SOUP."

Hard to argue with that logic friends, hard to argue.

So now I'm off to fruitlessly search for approximately 239 missing kids' library books. And tonight, oh tonight, Mommy has a hair appointment. Awwwww yeah. Good magazines, a Sprite Zero, and some highlights + no kids? Awesome.

Comments, questions, can you make alphabet soup?