Monday, March 8, 2010

Just Another Brick in the Wall

*Update* After I'd given up all hope, and plotted strategically with my former-stylist who lives 2 hours away, my current stylist called me and said she'd get me in this week to Bring the Brunette Back. So, in the interest of fairness, I will post a picture of the bold blonde that went awry.... (and TRUST me, friends, when I say that the camera does NOT capture the GRAY that is so bothersome.)(Some people think it looks good; this is because they haven't seen my head in person, and they're very kind in general.) Ready? Here you go:

Don't let the curls or my general cheer fool you - I am ready to get this thing browned up.

Now, on to today's blog!

The year was 1995, possibly 1996. The location was my friend Mindy's red Subaru. We were all 17, and probably headed to find food, or looking for something to do. (Read: we were looking for somewhere adult-free to hang out and possibly someone adult-age to purchase tequila for us. See? I have my reasons for hating tequila. Shut up! I was an honor student!)

17-year-old-Sammo: What song is this?
Mindy: Huh? It's PINK FLOYD Brick in the Wall? - answered with the incredulity of certain youth.
Me: Oh. Ohhhhh. This is kick ASS.

That, my friends, was the first time Your Favorite Writer had heard of this Pink Floyd. And I'm pretty sure, although I have no empirical evidence (I was an honor student dammit!) that it was like when a crackhead first discovers a rock.

Someone (clearly an IDIOT) had told me once that Pink Floyd was an 80's band. I mentally lumped them in with 80s bands and 80s songs and Mommy has very small tolerance for 80s ANYthing, so I automatically figured I wanted nothing to do with this Floyd of which we are speaking.

Until that magical night in '95/maybe'96.

Then-17-year-old-Sammo-the-Honor-Student: Sooooo, can I borrow this cd?
Her: Sure man, just give it back.

And I did, a year or so later, after I got the Pulse collection for myself, I sure did. (Sorry Mindy.)

By that point, I was already Jimi and Janis' secret white rhythm-less girlfriend, but after that, if you cut me, I bled The Wall.

It's, ugh, a LOT of years later, but last night I randomly texted my bff from the Bad Old Days, Tonya, and I said: We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year... wish you were here.

She replied: Running over the same old ground and what we have found - the same old fears, wish you were here.

Amen, sister, amen.

Comments, questions, Vera, what has become of you?