Monday, March 15, 2010

If Sam Could Turn Back Time

Don't let me keep you in suspense Friends in 'Netland, (unless you wandered over from Facebook and you're ready to shoot yourself in the face rather than hear about my hair anymore. I understand. Really.), I did Bring the Brown Back by myself. Sort of.

Despite the fact that the box lied it turned out a weeeee bit darker than promised, I'm still happier dark. What does that say about me? I don't know! I'm brooding? I KNOW that already. But, since I only used a temp dye, it's started lightening up after each shower. Here it is after the wash and style (straight iron) on Friday:

So within a two week period, I've gone from Ashy Blonde to Ginger to Dark brown. With the magic of Picasa, I will show you a hair time-line collage!

If you like the Ashy Blonde or Ginger better, just remember: A. I did my hair differently and it photographs differently and B. Keep your nasty little thoughts to yourself. I'm brunette dammit.

I sort of felt like Jennifer Garner in Alias! You know, where apparently she was some super secret spy but it was only her hair color that changed. Yeah, I'm EXACTLY like that.


I don't know why I haven't yet been contacted by some Super Secret Spy Agency because, well, clearly. I would be awesome! Minus the part where I'd call my friends and be all (sing-song voice) "Guess what's going on in Korea todayyyyy!" and then some rival Super Spy would kick in my door and I'd be all "dammit!" and then we'd have to shoot each other So. Maybe not.

Then again, I also felt a bit like Cher. I mean, she changes HER hair and keeps it long AND headlines Vegas. I could do that. Unless they wanted me to go all Ass-less pants like this:

Remember the Turn Back Time video? She was all running around in that black electrical-tape outfit on an aircraft carrier? I think we can take away a lesson from that, friends.

Dancing around a ship with a billion lonely sailors is a. BAD. IDEA. I mean, in the video it turned out okay for Cher. They just basically clapped and cheered a lot. I think we should all still avoid it though, just because there are some things that I'm pretty common sense about. Well, from now on anyway.

I don't mess with my hair.

I don't wear fishnet shirts. (ANYmore)

And I don't dress like Cher and go alone onto a Navy ship. I'm just saying.

So other than waiting for the Spies to recruit me, or to start headlining Vegas, I'm really pretty open. My hair and I are just chillin' like brunette villains. (And avoiding my stylist because, really, other than You People, how could I explain all this?)

Comments, questions, wanna recruit me?