Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What's up with Mrs. Brady?

Last night we were watching The Brady Bunch (don't ask) (my kids like it) (shut UP) and there was a scene in which Marsha asked Mrs. Brady why she didn't golf anymore...
Mrs. Brady replied:

"With six kids, a husband and a house and you ask me why?"

*Cue irate stay-at-home mom in 2010. Thatwouldbeme.*

So I'm all "Bitch please! You have a live-in house-keeper/cook/problem solver! Get your ass out the front door!"

Seriously, if Alice lived at MY house, do you think I'd be walking around in A-line dresses, solving my kids' problems with patient thoughtful advice, or do you think I'd be off having a nice, long two martini lunch??? THAT is what I thought too!

Am I supposed to think that Mrs. Brady is progressive because she once DID play golf, or that she's just a super dedicated Mom because she's given it up to be a mom/wife/house chick? Ugh. Just....ugh.

Not that there aren't a BILLION issues to take with that show, because I'm pretty sure if you have an IQ higher than a standard cucumber you shouldn't be watching it, but it just irked me.

Seriously. Alice has the shit covered. Go for a walk. Meet your friend at the gym. Go golfing Carol!

I think I'm just live-in housekeeper envious.

And who wouldn't be? Now I'd better go, because my kids are finding "treasures" in the air vents. Again. And Alice ain't here to clean it up.

Comments, questions, where's YOUR Alice when you need her?