Thursday, February 11, 2010

Puerto Riiiiiiico!

Since it's still a totally snow-covered arctic tundra here in my home base, I thought I'd do something (again) with a more TROPICAL vibe. Insert steel drum music and/or whatever Bob Marley YOU find appropriate.

Because you've been very very good readers (whomever you are out there in the blog-ohhhhh-sphere), today I'm posting actual REAL pictures of my real life! Awhile back I told the story of the Honeymoon Adventure (once again wishing I could give you a texty-link, alas...) and I recently found some of our awesome honeymoon shots. I had to scan them and the picture quality blows isn't the best, but for you, dear readers, I had to try....

*If you wandered over from Facebook, sorry for the repeat. But, buy me a scanner and I'll add something new!

Without further ado...

THIS is the view from a cliff's edge in sunny Puerto Rico! What you can't see is my general fear-of-heights thing going on, as I'm probably clinging to The Man's leg while he took the picture.

Here is a fresh-as-daisy-and-totally-childfree 24 year old version of me. I'm NOT as close to the edge as I appear.

Here, I took a totally-magazine-quality shot of the probably-accurately named Crashboat Beach. I'm not sure if all those boats have...crashed...or just hang out there. I know you could buy fish there, but we were never there at the right time.

Here's a shot of a scenic jutting cliff....jutting....

And, this is for the ladies! Where my ladies at?! Okay, sorry. Anyway, this is a picture of The Man in all his glory in the rain forest waterfall. See how dark he is? I was still a pale, pale hobgoblin compared to his tanned splendor. Isn't this very Cover-of-a-Romance-Novel??? *Oh, and The Man, if you're reading this, I will totally delete this picture if you so insist. But you're still smokin' hot.*

I'll be honest. Sometimes I just revist the past in my head.... it's almost as good as my Imaginary World! I can always hope for a second honeymoon. Grandma, did you read that? I'm sure the kids will be GREAT for you. Seriously. Please?

Comments, questions, wanna watch my kids?