Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just Like an Origami Swan

Lately, I've been having trouble sleeping. That admission would be sort of like if Superman told you he's been having trouble FLYING. Or if Batman's car were in the shop. Sleeping has always been one of my super powers. I can sleep if I'm angry, sad, tired, not tired, hungry, whatever. Wherever. Sleep is my favorite thing. Napping is like a bedtime appetizer.

Recently though, I've been lying in bed, staring at my ceiling and my brain doesn't shut off (or shut up) like normal. Worse still, if I wake up, I usually can't get back to sleep short of hitting myself in the head with a brick. (Which really messes up my pillow and then I'm all concussion-y.)

On occasion, I'll take a tylenol PM (since headaches are not so much a super power as my own kryptonite - that I carry around with me) but I normally just hope for the best. I also practice my focused breathing.

Last night, I fell asleep pretty fast and I think I slept well because I'd worked out yesterday morning. Let's hear it for work outs! At some point, I remember waking up and then falling back asleep. I woke up for the day when the alarm went off, and I had to unfold out of a level 5 Origami Swan position. (I just made that up.) Seriously, I was bent and twisted and hunkered on approximately 1" of my side of the bed. The Man was in the middle, elbow cranked into my spine, and my 3 year old was snoozing blissfully on the remaining HALF the bed. Errrrr.

I have an awesome rule in this house and it goes a little somethin' like this: Everyone sleeps in their OWN bed! My daughter loves her bed, and since our fatty mcFatster cat sleeps with her, she's happy in there. My son, however, likes to sneak over to The Man's side of the bed, because he KNOWS Mommy will take him back to his room. Last night, I was finally totally conked out though, so I didn't realize WHY I woke up.... and paid for it.

My neck sounds like a bowl of rice crispies every time I turn my head. That's totally normal right? Sigh.

So, I'm going to go and find some motrin and consider trying some tivo'd yoga. Maybe Downward Dog is just the thing for recovering from Sleeping Oragami Swan. Ugh.

Comments, questions, do you sleep in pretzel form?