Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good times at Goodwill

Today, just to shake up my usual vacuuming/ignoring the laundry schedule, I hit the grocery AND Goodwill. I know, I should slow my roll.

Goodwill is my personal shopping purgatory. I refuse to spend any money MORE than a goodwill sweater costs until I'm in better shape. Seriously, why bother? Why spend a lot on really nice stuff that I'm hopefully going to shrink right out of?

I've been keeping the faith lately people...minus a few diversions into Girl Scout Cookie land. (I'm supporting scouting dammit!)

I am totally ready to shop in trendier places than Goodwill.

On the other hand, where else can you find an XL horizontal striped pastel wonder RIGHTNTEXTO a bedazzled snowflake sweater????

And I really need some shopping advice other than Princess.

Me: "Do you think this looks cute?" Holding up red floral shirt thing
Princess: "Wellllll, it's very RED."
Me: "Okay then."

I tried to describe the shirt to my stay-at-home-stay-insane-in-the-membrane-bff.

Me: "It's all one piece but part is satin and then it's like a sleeveless vest over the top."
K-Jo: "Is it a teacher sweater?"
(laughter ensues and I cross my legs so I don't pee)
K-Jo: "I mean, does it have apples on it?"
Me: "Just the buttons my friend, only the buttons are apple shaped."

Note: I did NOT buy anything with apples or apple-buttons. However, were I looking for such a garment, I'm sure they would have it. Along with a furry moo-moo that Princess thinks looks like a witch cape. That's why I have to lose the last 5-10 lbs and get my butt into a real store.

Comments, questions, wanna go shopping?