Friday, February 26, 2010

Gone with the Sam

Friday here in Net Land, as it is elsewhere (I hear) (maybe) (unless we cross time/date zones and then I don't know about days and times) and I am ready for the weekend, ladies and gents.

I'm also ready to live life like iCarly. If you're not familiar with the Nick show for tweens (and advanced 5-year-olds) you A. Have a way better life than I do B. Don't let your kids watch crap tv so you can make macaroni without little people messing with your cheese mix or C. Are too busy doing adult things that you aren't even home when said show comes on. Whichever, I commend you.

I do know it, though, I do. And I want to have iCarly's life! I mean, not the part where I'm trapped in some freaky little 12 year old body because helllooooo, done that yo, but the part where I get to screw around making a hugely popular web show, live in a groovy loft in Seattle, and generally have wacky adventures.

The only wacky adventures I've had lately involve child urine, dog vomit and a broken steam cleaner. NOT the sort of wacky I was wanting. Not. at. all.

And as for hugely popular web show? I am settling for a mediocre occasionally-viewed blog. See? What does iCarly have that I don't????

Oh yeah. Fiction. I always get upset when I start wishing I were fictional characters. Oy. Like the year I read Gone with the Wind? That was a rough year. (5ht grade for anyone counting.) I was sooooo sure that Scarlett and I were soul sisters! I mean, yeahhhh she was totally self-absorbed and lusting after that pre-early-early metrosexual Ashley when *I* would NEVER have ignored Rhett Butler and all, but when the going got tough, homegirl ripped up some curtains, made herself a dress and got shit DONE. See? Soul sisters.

(For anyone from Facebook who's wandered over THAT is who my profile picture was during "fictional character" week. Clearly.)

So anyway, other than having NO fun wacky adventures, no web show, not to mention no awesome plantation-house in Georgia NOR a horse and carriage I add, I guess it's just Friday as usual. Crap.

Comments, questions, fiction or non?