Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Get My Cruise On

Okay, I had decided that I would write something funny that had happened in the past, or something just....well...awesome in general. Then my stupid asshole idiot dog threw up. On my carpet. Behind my computer chair. JERK.

I would normally be WAY more full of compassion and such, but you see, dear Internet Friends, I was up for three hours last night with The Barfing. My three-year old woke up around 1 am and was so scared that he was alternately barfing and screaming. Single people: this is your cue to run around your living room, high-fiving your cat and fist pumping that YOU are not kept awake by The Barfing unless it's your own which, while highly suck-ish, is preferable. Trust me on that.

Thus, I can't really dredge up any HIGHlarious stories for you today, because apparently my karma has taken a down turn and I'm being buried in a deluge of soul-numbing snow and/or puke. Holla!

So, instead of a highlarious tale of mirth and joy featuring Your Favorite Writer, I am going to retreat to the wonderful valhalla inside my head. Come along, and byob yo!

While I love my villa in St. Barth, I think a nice cruise on the boat is in order.

I need a little serenity now (!) so I'll stop off in various locales and get my yoga on...

Then, it's time for some lunch!

Thus fortified, it's shoppin' time beotches!

And whew, after all that, I think I need a massage.

Then, it's back to the boat, and a good book.

It's a glorious life in my imagination! What are you waiting for....let's start cruising!

Comments, questions, where did you go in YOUR imagination today?