Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Everytime You E-File, an Angel Gets its Wings

I'd like to announce a miracle. No, nothing exciting like I lifted a train off a baby carriage and then cured cancer on my way to fighting global warming. I finished my taxes. I actually finished and e-filed them by Feb 1.

The important part of that is the I part because, um, we'd sort of decided that I wasn't so good at doing taxes (hello English degree? I'm an English major, you do the math - ha!) and last year I spazzed out I didn't sign box #29 so we didn't get our refund until...er, June. Yeah. And I sort of screwed up something else, so we haven't been able to e-file in two years.

Then, I came to a really important adult decision. Several actually. #1: I hate paying accountants to do anything. Nothing personal (my grandpa was an English degree'd CPA - so WTF genetics, why can't I do simple math?!) but I hate parting with money. #2: We have to pay off our carpet. Now. We had to put carpet down before we moved in since there were unidentifiable stains and I'm pretty sure Bubonic Plague on the existing stuff and now it's time to pay the piper or face 30% interest. That's right, 30 PERCENT.

So with these brilliant mature observations, I started entering our info into the online H&R Block Tax Cut program. Since The Man is military, we get to use the program for free. (If you're active or reservist, check it out - it will save you a little money.) Before I knew it, I'd waded through almost the entire program and then, I was DONE. What? Normally it takes forever, how could this BE! Then, it told me I had NO errors. Sweet! That almost never happens in ANY facet of my life. Let's face it, my life is FULL of errors. Time budgeting, money budgeting, thinking-I-arranged-a-sitter budgeting....pretty much are always full of errors. There are entire weeks days I'm sure that I myself AM a giant walking ERROR. So the reassurance from my happy free tax program warmed the old cockles right up.

Then, it said I could e-file as long as I had last year's AGI (adjusted gross income) and a pin. Um. Sure. I can't find last year's return; I mean, I have it, I keep EVERYthing, it's just a matter of FINDING it. I know not what pin you refer to, tax program, so I had to CALL THE IRS at that point. A nice lady stationed somewhere in Guam told me my AGI after about ten minutes of us doing the tango around the language barrier. Finally we figured it out and apparently the e-file went ahead and, well, filed.

I'm so excited because A. I had no errors, B. My refund may just pay off my evil stained hated 30% interest carpet and C. I e-filed and may see the money before the 4th of July this year!

Never let it be said that an English degree isn't good for something! Sure, it has nothing to do with horrendous lacking math ability, does nothing for you AT ALL in terms of taxes, and may never find you a job, but if you have a good ear for language, you might be able to decipher the IRS lady in Guam!

Comments, questions, are you a CPA?