Tuesday, February 23, 2010


*Total side not not-related-to-anything, but if any of you out there in Internet Land (henceforth decreed to be called Net Land) use Mozilla Firefox, have you noticed how it remembers EVERYthing you've ever entered? Example: I type in my header of 'Determined' and it pulls down "Dallas Cowboys Coat." Clearly it's psychic and I am BURNING to blog about a coat. Then I remembered, it's something The Man listed on e-Bay in 2006. Thanks for staying relevant, Firefox.*

I've been toying around with the idea of working on writing some fiction. I started working on a story idea about two years ago, then our old computer committed seppuku (ritual suicide via disembowelment) and we had to ship our hard drive off to some techno wizard at The Man's company. Luckily he managed to recover all our text documents, and I recently read through my story. The verdict?

Not bad. Not exactly Tom Wolfe (if you don't know, shutyomouth and google already) but not bad. At least worth some more effort to see if I can squeeze anything resembling a real book out of it.

(This is where, no matter how hard I try, a vaguely New Jersey-ish accented voice in my head pipes up and says "Four years in COLLEGE and you take POETRY classes!")

I've been writing almost every day (weekends excluded) since September and I'm pretty proud of sticking with it. For someone who writes, it's a lot like someone who runs; when you don't do it, your lose your rhythm and you have to work to get back on pace. I've stuck with this blog long enough to prove to myself I can prioritize my writing. Again. As I should.

So what I'm saying Fans in Net Land is that if I miss a day or two here or there, don't run off and find another HIGHlarious blog (well, okay, you can if you want) but assume (and hope) I've found the time to start creating again.

Cross your fingers. Maybe I can actually write and FINISH a book. If I cross THAT personal Rubicon, who knows what's next?

Have patience and fear not, I love me my Jell-o eaters!

Comments, questions, wish me luck?