Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Day, My Way

So here we are together once again, invisible computer friends... I'm drinking my heavily creamified coffee and keeping you all spellbound in anticipation of what today's ETGJ blog will bring!

...aaaand the answer? Not so much.

Although The Man thinks I while away the hours a la Peg Bundy (eating chocolate and watching talk tv) nothing could be further from the truth!

Today, I'm going to treat you to another rare glimpse inside my life. Go ahead, phone a friend, I'll wait...

Basically my day goes a little somethin' like thiiiis:

I wake up to The Man's "workout" alarm blaring around 5 in the morning. Sometimes he pounds it into submission and sleeps until his "work" alarm goes off. Sometimes I pound HIM into submission WITH the alarm clock.

I try to recapture my dream about St. Barth until two small children come catapulting into my bed, each one sounding like a verbal mariachi band. Then, it's breakfast time.

Meanwhile, as the children are eating their home cooked meal, Mommy brews up some liquid energy!

Then, as I try to open BOTH eyes (instead of the one that isn't crusted shut), The Man jets off to work with nary a backward glance.

Then we get dressed and it's computer time for Mommy! Hooray! And sometimes, I even pay bills and take xanax and write checks and things.

The kids play throughout the day, while Mommy does a little of this:

And a little of that:

Oh and of course some of this:

For a break, I might call a friend or five...

Before I know it, the day is over and Daddy's home!

And eventually it's time for bed (the best time of the day):

Just so I can do it all again, the next day!

And you wonder why I live in St. Barth in my head? Bwahahaaaaa! Ahem. Clearly.

Comments, questions, what's your routine?