Friday, January 8, 2010

Meet My Partner in Crime

Today, in a rare Blog of Praise, I am going to thank my sister-in-law Leslie, for inspiring my new layout, and just generally rocking at life in general.

Meet Leslie!

Obviously, I'm the tipsy one with an umbrella in my hair, wearing a fake lei. (Hey, this was taken at The Man's surprise party a few years ago, and I'm pretty sure I hadn't had anything to drink in years before that party, so a few drinks and that was all she wrote...) Leslie, on the other hand, is the stunning red head. (Sorry Leslie if you don't like the picture, there were others that were eaten by my old hard drive explosion!)

Years ago, Leslie sent me a magnet version of my "It would have to look like an accident" image. Which, when you realize she's married to The Man's brother, is truly awesome and HIGHlarious in every way. What, you don't joke about killing YOUR husbands or inlaws? Well then shut up, you don't party like we do.

I see that magnet when I open my fridge for yet another my one allotted Coke Zero. I thought, THAT would be awesome in my blog! So there it is. Inspired by Leslie! Credit where it's due baby.

Seriously though, isn't it awesome when you realize that you get a best friend out of your marriage? (And PS I'm not talking about your spouse, because that should sort of be a given.) I met Leslie when she and her family visited our glorious Vacation State to see the mutual mother-in-law. We hit it off right out' the gate, as they say. Or as someone says.

I had heard about The Man's younger brother and wife for years and had no idea what to expect; being uh, the second wife, you just don't know what anyone will think. I mean, I'm pretty awesome, so it's clear that if you don't think so, it's rather YOUR problem than mine.... but still.

Luckily, I found a person in the fam who is my secret separated-at-birth sister. And, depending on how it all goes down, Leslie and I may end up going to Plan B, which involves Vegas and new identities. Sweet. I think we all need partners in crime, don't you?

And really, would YOU fuck with this face?

She would cutabitch for messing with her chocolate fountain.

Hard. Core.

(And PS? Leslie likes Tool AND decoupage, so can you GET much more hard core? I didn't think so.)

Comments, questions, who is your partner in crime?