Thursday, January 21, 2010

Getting Down with the Sickness

Wellllll, I was wrong darling public, and I paid the price, ohyesIdid. I listened to my 5 year old, Princess, when I totally should have listened to my Mommy-Spidey-Sense which was a'tingling. She told me last night she was feeling fine, she didn't have a temperature, and off we went; the kids to attend play groups, The Man and I to attend a relationship class.

Sidenote: The class is based on the book called "The Five Love Languages," and I'm sure a lot of you have heard of it. It is designed to help us better express our love for one another. I would settle for learning how NOT to hang out my front door shaking my fist and yelling "You're an ASS!"... you know...on those not-so-loving days. I'll let you know how it goes. (Shut up. I'm classy.)

Anyway, the class and play groups both passed uneventfully and well, then we got home. Princess burst into tears and demanded to go to bed. Huh. If you knew Princess, you'd know that THIS does NOT happen, ever. She is pretty convinced she could run on Juicy Juice and 2.3 hours of sleep, max. She does NOT like bed, or bed time or sleeping. So to beg me to GO to bed? Highly unusual.

Then, The Man and I came upstairs around 10 ish. I know, we're hardcore. The upstairs, how shall I say this delicately so as not to offend my delicate flowers, smelled like poo. Like sick poo, specifically, or perhaps worse, sick barf. Greaaaat. I checked on Princess, and no visible poo or barf, sooo, okay.

It wasn't, of course, okay, or I'd be blogging about some new addition to my Fantasy Life in my Head. Princess climbed in bed with me around 2 am. She fell asleep, and I did not. I carried her back to bed after about 30 minutes of not sleeping, and was totally glad I did because about 10 minutes after THAT, I heard the tell tale sounds of a Princess getting quite sick. Thankfully, I'd prepared and left ye old barf bucket next to the bed.

I got her all cleaned up, cleaned up the bed, the bucket, etc and tucked her back in. Then, I lay awake for about, oh a good hour and a half or more. I contemplated getting up, maybe reading a book in the closet or something. I also relived several recent conversations, half-wrote some blogs in my head, and tried desperately to keep my eyes closed and GOTOSLEEPDAMMIT! As any parent can tell you though, once awake with a sick kid, sleep doesn't come easily. Finally, I fell asleep but let me tell you, it did NOT help much. I am here, rambling, sort of coherent and badly in need of a bit more coffee.

Princess, I'm happy to report, is feeling fresh as a daisy. She's watching her morning cartoons, already had a delicious toaster strudel, complete with her name written in icing, and the world is good. Mommy is walking around, one eye cracked open, and kicking blocks out of the way while muttering monosyllabic curses under her breath. Ah, the healing powers of youth.

So forgive me if today was NOT the awesome blog I'd promised! It's coming. Really. Just not, obviously, today.

Today, I plan on lounging around the house, possibly even without makeup and day dreaming about my bed.

Comments, questions, did you get more than 3 hours of sleep?