Friday, January 8, 2010

Fulfillment Sammo Style

Since I've been stuck indoors for a week ages, nothing very exciting or noteworthy has happened. I mean, if you want to read about me trying to conquer Mount Laundry, or how fascinated I am by the new Caesar historical fiction I'm reading, by all means I could write about it - but I'd rather not...

Instead, I'm going to Focus on the Positive. Without further ado, here is a list of Things that Make (My) Life Worth Living:

1. Lady Gaga. I wish I had thought of becoming Lady Gaga before she did. Normally I listen almost exclusively to angst-filled rock types, but I make an exception for Lady Gaga. She's pretty rock in her own way.

2. Assassin's Creed II. Many a cold winter's night we have spent whiling away the hours, with me navigating The Man through the streets of 15th century Florence. I'm officially Not a Gamer Chick, but it's pretty bad ass.

3. Coke Zero. I wish I'd never tasted this sweet, sweet ambrosia. I had almost kicked my Coke Habit (heh) just like my heroine (I could totally do a heroin/heroine pun here with the 'coke' references but I will spare you) Jillian Michaels....until I tried Coke Zero. I am pretty sure that it's going to end up like the frozen yogurt episode of Seinfeld, where, if I had it tested it'd be full of secret calories. I'm just saying, it really doesn't taste like diet.

4. Historical fiction. (See, you DO get to read about it!) I'm not what we'd call a "history buff" - in fact, if I learn anything about history, it's purely accidental. Thus, I've learned all about the Tudors from Phillipa Gregory, and now I'm learning all about ancient Rome from Conn Iggulden. I like to mystify my friends by recounting things most of them already know, because THEY paid attention in history class. (I was busy writing bad poetry, or frantically studying for a math test I almost certainly failed.)

5. A band played frequently on the West Coast, called Five Finger Death Punch. First off, the name is fabulous. Secondly, some really, REALLY awesome lyrics. I am starting a petition to my local rock station to get them on the heavy play rotation. Mainly, I'm SICKTODEATH of hearing YETANOTHER Nirvana song. While I laugh aloud at the irony of Cobain singing he doesn't have a gun (CLEARLY funny), I despair of not hearing AWESOME new rock that my West Coast friends hear daily.

6. Pistachios. Where have they been hiding my whole life? And since I actually have to WORK to open them and eat them, I'm pretty sure I consume less. Sure, I feel a bit like a squirrel, but that's okay. Squirrels are cute.

7. Sledding. When I do actually escape my four walls, it's fun to rocket down a hill with a screaming 5 year old on my lap! I have no idea how it happened, but Princess is a manic sledder, while The Destroyer has Z E R O desire to try it. If you must endure the snow, you might as well try to do something WITH it... (because screaming at the sky and cursing the snow just makes your neighbors wonder (more) about you...)

8. Our Basement Transformation. One reason I fell immediately and hopelessly in love with my house was its basement. It wasn't a creepy, spidery, serial-killer-lair basement; it's a walk out with drywall, hard wood floors and a built-in bar. I know! That's what I said too! So we've been painting and doing projects - pictures to follow. Party at Sammo's house when it's done!

9. Fires in the fireplace. Again, if I have to be stuck indoors, I at least want to be warm, so fire? A natural.

10. Tax time! What isn't fun about hoping you get more money back than you're expecting??? I know I can't wait to enjoy feeling like I have money for the five seconds it takes me to realize I'd better start using it to pay things off. Errrr.

Well kind audience, that's about it. I'd write more, but today's 'to do list' is long and burdensome, and sitting here is NOT going to get it done.

Stay tuned this week for more thrilling posts, and possibly, a GUEST BLOG! YAY!

Comments, questions, what fulfills YOU?