Friday, January 29, 2010

Da Plague

I try to blog every day; it gives me something 'adult' to think about and do (rather than breaking up yet another fight about who had the ball/Barbie/car/spoon first). Yesterday though, Your Favorite Writer was struck down with the plague, and lolled about in bed, reading crappy novels and yelling ineffectively at the children.

(In case you're unaware, and as I tell The Man every single day, You Can't Parent From the Couch - which also applies to beds, bathrooms, etc. You really have to get in their adorable little grills and tell 'em what's up.)

(Oh, and if you expect sympathy from the same child you helped through a cold/flu/ebola outbreak, fugghedaboutit. Children are mercenary.)

Aaaanyway, I fought the plague and Sam won, so here I am! Battered but triumphant. Or something.

Now that I have a whole NEW set of germs to lysol into oblivion, I'll promise more interesting posts in the coming week. If you're VERY lucky, and eat all your green beans, I promise to do a tell-all post review of the Monster Truck Show (as seen by someone with a full set of teeth AND some firing neurons)!

Until then, in reality I'll be lysoling my house (again) and boiling linens but in my head, I'm really here:

Go ahead, pull up a Corona and join me!

Comments, questions, until next time?