Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bump in the Night

Scene: My bedroom, middle-ish of the night. Enter small crying child.
"Mommy? Mommy???"
"shhhhh. come here." - Mommy thinking it's only a bad dream.
"I think I have to barf."
Mommy jumping out of bed....
"Come the bathroom."
After several barf. THANK. GOD.
Mommy tucks child back in bed and tries to fall asleep, while listening acutely for other sounds of barf and/or poop trouble.

That was my night last night and I have to confess, where once I could party like a rockstar until about 2 or 3 in the am, get up, haul ass to work or class or whatever and then do it all again.... now... not so much. One night with a semi-barfing incident and I'm chugging coffee like my cat emotional-eats his crunchy food.

I'm pretty sure the kiddo just had some gas and freaked out; she fears throwing up pretty much as I fear it. She fell back asleep and is fine now, watching Spongebob and eating cereal, so guess we're all good. Whew. Dodged that bullet.

But Mommy is still dragging ass around here. Which sucks because it's Grocery Day! I believe I've mentioned how much I really, really DO NOT like grocery shopping. I mean, are scientists ANYwhere working on that food replicator from the Enterprise? I think THAT would really help my life out yo. Screw the flying cars of the future, I just want the instant meal machine.

So I'm off to get more coffee, and will placate you with promises of a really awesome blog tomorrow. Or later this week. You'll be back *wink wink*, because you love me baby.

Time to run, Javier has prepared my drink on the lanai....(that's right, it's Fantasy Life time!)

Comments, questions, anyone threaten to throw up in your bed lately?