Tuesday, January 5, 2010

BAM! Who's the WOmAN!

Okay, I want some applause. I want accolades, awards and possibly some cash and prizes. Why you ask? Did you not SEE my awesome new layout???

That's right. I cut, I pasted, I squinted at VERY UNPLEASANT code for a long, long time. I picked images, I did all sorts of google searching. What you see now is not only a thing of beauty, but a thing of GENIUS!

Hyperbole much? Nah.

Seriously, it rocks.

If you don't think so, you suck tell me what you'd change! I welcome comments and suggestions. (But they'd better come included with a nice offer of YOU messing with the code because I am NOT going down that road again any time soon!)

I'm a blogger NOT a programmer. THAT stuff is for people with a lot more patience and less children than I have. (And possibly far more caffeine/nicotine/red bull and vodkas.) But I'm excited, oh YES I am.

Begin the wild standing ovation now! OH and PS for anyone keeping score? I kept my widgets - ohyesIdid. Yes, I did. BAM!

Comments, questions, suggestions on code crap?