Thursday, December 10, 2009

What YOU don't get....

Dear lovely readers, you do NOT get a post about our Bitchy German Luxury Car. I was all set to write a scathing post about how I'd like to ship it, part for part, right back across whichever ocean is closest to Germany (my Liberal Arts degree did NOT include any geography) but instead, you're getting a short, yet UBER whiny post about....not posting what I wanted to post.

I can just hear you navigating to Amazon to check your order status.... Or maybe that's my fertile imagination - again.


I don't have much time because as I mentioned in yesterday's fascinating post, it's almost Vacation Time. So I have to do laundry, find my digital camera's warranty papers, call about the pretend tropical place Indoor Water Park, and locate The Man's weird military snow pants. I'm sure there is more but I'm just forgetting - mainly because I'm BORED just thinking about it...

So you will have to wait until another time to hear about my Bitchy German Luxury Car. In case you're worried, we'll be driving our Old Shitty American SUV on this vacation - mainly because our 200 lb Giant Dog won't fit in the Bitchy German Luxury Car. Clearly, Bitchy German Luxury Cars are designed for people who put dogs in Coach bags. Clearly. In fact, if we even thought about putting our Giant Dog in the BGLC, it would probably refuse to turn over and then make snippy comments about Shitty American SUVs in a questionable German accent. (That's because I would be the one making the comments, pretending to speak for the BGLC.)

I'd hoped to post from our vacation spot and all, but given that I'll have to pry The Man's cold, workaholic fingers from his laptop to do so, you'll probably have to cry tears in your coffee and placate yourself with archived posts.

And looky there, I did sort of mention my Bitchy German Luxury Car after all! Be good, think nice thoughts, hold the door open especially for pregnant women (don't even GET me started on that one) and I might post later about it. I know, Christmas CAN come early!

Comments, questions, tiny dogs in your Coach bag?