Wednesday, December 9, 2009

No Magic Kingdom for You

It's that time again...vacation time! Since I'm a lowly housewife and all, I don't technically get vacation time, but I do get VICARIOUS vacation, and does it really matter? No, not really.

This vacation was supposed to be special - I mean really special. For a limited time only, Disney World is offering big discounts to military families who qualify. And dammit, WE qualified! Then we thought about it. Fly or drive? I mean, flying is a HUGE pain in the ass, but it's quick. Then we mentioned the word "airplane" and "flying" to Princess....yeahhhhh. That resulted in a ten minute 5-year-old-genius diatribe on the evils of flight, how she is never EVER going to fly, and precisely what she'd like to do to anyone stupid enough to suggest such absurdity. So, since we don't want to get busted for drugging a pre-schooler with xanax... driving it is! Then we drove a piddly hour one day and realized....Disney World is a LOT of hours. In the car. With them. And a lot of money spent on food, lodging, and since we can't cram everything into our special, magical German luxury car (future blog on THIS subject) a rental car.....


We are NOT going to the Magic Kingdom.

And I weep a little inside.

Where ARE we going you ask? A small resort/tourist town located south-ish in our state. A place where the weather is EXACTLY the same as it is here = frozen-flipping- TUNDRA -Russian -fur -hat- weather. Oh but there IS an indoor water park because hey, when you can't go to the REAL vacation spots, PRETENDING is just as good.

It will be nice to get away, and of course, hope springs eternal. Maybe next vacation we'll get Princess over her flight phobia, and we can catch some Cinderella Castle goodness. Forgive me if I don't blog as much next week - I'll be reading one of the ten books I checked out and sipping hot chocolate.

Comments, questions, xanax before flying?