Monday, December 28, 2009

Marathon Headache and Christmas is Done

I write to you from the other side of Christmas today, dearest readers; when all that's left is to pack up the tree, take down the lights, and remove all the toys from my kitchen/living room/stairs.

Today, I'd also like to remove my head, since I'm pretty sure you won't have a headache after decapitation. Okay, maybe one REALLY BIG one and then....not so much.

I've had a marathon headache for about.....ohhhh....three or four days now. It's threatened to go all Total Migraine on me, in which case I'll kick its ass with some hardcore opiates - but not yet. Right now it's all Tropical Storm instead of Hurricane off the Coast. And it's annoying. As hell.

I looked up migraine and found other fun symptoms! Like irritability! (really?) And depression! (what you say?) Yeah, mainly because when one's head is being split open and loud noises turn you all Edgar Allen Poe (with the ringing of the bells, bells, bells, bells BELLS!) and shit, one isn't in a Dalai Lama mood so much. (And I'm betting if the DL got migraines, his lamas would totally let him lie down in a dark room and meditate instead of pestering him like, say, two young children.)

So other than my Marathon Headache, I had a pretty good Christmas.

My kids were happy, which is what matters. They now have enough toys to supply a child care center, or pay off some indentured servitude in a toy factory, or cause me to break an ankle after stepping on a tiny helicopter on the stairs.

My husband got me something useful (a popcorn air popper - which is THE healthy way to make popcorn, until I drown it in real melted butter.) AND pretty, a red pea coat and jewelry. Hooray! And I'm pretty sure that I'm officially Old and Boring because I was wayyyy too excited about a new stainless programmable crock pot that my mom got me. Wayyyy too excited. Seriously, one would think it was a winning lottery ticket and a year's supply of vanilla flavored Captain Morgan.

And for all those of you who are biting your cuticles in anticipation and anxiety, I DID find gifts for The Man! I got him a guide book to Assassin's Creed II - which PS is such an awesome game, I sort of want to quit typing and go play it right now....but I won't. Sigh. Then I found a very fancy brand of fancy shirts that he likes and they fit. Hooray! Oh, and a rotating party light for our basement - which is just cool in general. Success.

So, another Christmas in the bag. Up next, New Year's of course, which has always, and still does, annoy me. It's cold. I have to stay up late. True, I can have a cocktail and all - but if we go out I have to dodge all the drunks and have a sitter. Errrr.

Comments, questions, opiates for Mommy's Headache?