Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wrong again!

Nope, I was wrong homies, wrong about coming back and laughing about the crazy. Apparently my life is steeped in the crazy, sort of like a nice cup of tea, but without the splenda. Or maybe it's fermenting in crazy, like wine? In that case, I'm totally trashed on Insanity - which is NOT NEARLY as much fun as it sounds - or as much fun as a nice smooth daiquiri (not that I'd know because my kids got into the whip cream can and messed with the nitrous, so it all just drizzled out and messed up my drink but I digress. And aren't they too young to experiment with canned nitrous, or is that just me? I mean are other preschoolers out there watching Elmo and doing whipits? Anyyyywayyyyy....)

I'll be back to posting about mindless crap in my life - unless I've grabbed my soul sister (aka Sis-in-Law) and run off to Vegas to start over. Oops, guess I shouldn't broadcast our secret escape plan and all, but hell, there are tons of people hiding out in Vegas right? With our awesome name changes - no one will ever find us....

That's the plan, chiclets, that's the plan.

Comments, questions, straightjackets?