Monday, November 23, 2009

Lady Gaga and Cupcake Art

Well I'm back from this weekend's foray into the Wilderness of Crazy, where I like to take short camping trips every once in awhile. (If you ask me, it beats REAL camping any day - if only because in my metaphorical Wilderness, there are no flying insects, or me sweating and trying to start a stupid campfire.)

I was just really stressed and unhappy and I guess it got the better of me. But, like the trooper I am, I trudged out of the Wilderness and I'm back to blogging about random stupid things that no one but my therapist closest friends care about.

(PS - You guys are lucky I didn't trot out my Dante/Inferno/Divine Comedy metaphor that I'd debated using. Seriously. I haven't even paid back the loan on that damnable English degree, so I have to use these things somewhere but you dodged a bullet today - buy a lottery ticket while your luck still holds!)

So, on to random stupid things! I can hear the cheering....

Did anyone else watch the douche-tastic AMA awards last night??? I got to see snippets between reading my exciting new Phillipa Gregory novel (!!!) and watching whatever football The Man had on tv. Did anyone else see J. Lo bust her ass during a jump off some greased up back-up dancer's back? No? Check your tivo's! It wasn't super exciting, but I wanted to make sure I'm not the only one who noticed.

Also - Michael Jackson got about a ton of awards for someone who didn't have any new songs and, um, died and all. Then I had to watch Tito give a speech, at least twice, which was enough. And I am pretty sure, REALLY sure, that Tito introduced one of his kids as Jer-Majesty. I mean, I get it. I think I get it. That'd be cute, for.....a golden retriever.... or a beta fish. I had a beta fish named Alonzo the Master Beta once. Go ahead and say it out loud if you need to. But I did NOT name my KIDS that, oh no I did not.

Whatever MJ didn't win, Taylor Swift did. While yes I agree she is as cute as a kitten wearing socks, I'm not a huge fan. Largely because her music bores me to the point I'm forced to stick hot tongs in my ears. Sorry kidlets, the only Swift I'm down with wrote "A Modest Proposal"...which is NOT going to be performed by any AmIdol hopefuls in the future.

I went to bed before it was over, but I'm guessing it didn't get much better than Lady GaGa's wacky performance which involved her wearing a nude-colored body suit and bone-cage bodice thing - lest we forget, she also wore matching bone-cage booties. There were class cubes filled with smoke, and gas-mask wearing fiddlers playing inside. Who doesn't love that!

If you missed it, well, check Perez.

I am getting ready to head outside to collect a million maple leaves for my Thanksgiving cupcake project. Don't be jealous! You too can make crappy cupcake art if you try hard enough and wish with all your might.

Comments, questions, Lady Gaga fans?