Sunday, November 29, 2009

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You!

Hello there! I've wanted to learn some html for awhile now, and what with the murder and mayhem holidays upon us, I thought what better place than here, what better time than now? Uh, hell, can't stop us now! (Sorry for the random RATM happens sometimes....)

So this blog is under construction. Same domain, new domain, new look, different pictures, who the hell knows how it will turn out in the end???

Stay tuned....

Comments, questions, html writing help???


Aunt Becky said...

hahahahahaha! I am no coder! hahahahahahaha!

Sammo said...

Apparently (and shockingly!) neither am I! What I will probably really do is mess with a template I find somewhere. Or beg my friend to code for me. This is my plan. ;)