Friday, November 6, 2009

An alleged post from a suspected blogger

I was watching the news last night, and some total fucktard had run from the PO-lice, wrecked his car, jumped out and then vaulted over a wall - only to fall some 50 feet and end up in a coma. Apparently he watched a few too many Jerry Bruckheimer films. As have I. I'm just smart enough to know that the average human really can't survive THAT many explosions, or falls.

What really annoyed the shit out of me amused me was when the news anchor said "the man who allegedly ran from the police is in the hospital tonight." Seriously? Allegedly?! They KNOW he ran, they KNOW he wrecked his car, and he OBVIOUSLY is the guy who jumped the wall because he's the one in the hospital all Humpty-Dumpty style.

I understand 'innocent until proven guilty' but we're not in court! It's just irritating to me. On a more literary note, as archaic as it seems, it's 'AN historic moment' not 'A' - because that H works like a vowel! I mean, not like I expect journalists to be all English major on me or anything (could they try though? please?) but let's at least consult the style guide every so often. It's bad enough we're all talking in the present tense constantly. I'll stop now....I promise.

So thus ends the crazy diatribe of an alleged writer. Today is Friday, and I am hoping beyond hope that there is a new movie at my dvd rental place with some action in it! Then I can get all crazy the next time someone cuts me off, refuse to assume the best of them, smash into their car, run from the 5-0, and vault a wall - and end up the 'person of interest' who 'allegedly' caused all the trouble. Damn you and your pretty explosions and bionic heroes, Jerry Bruckheimer, it's all your fault!

Comments, questions, want to allege something?