Monday, November 2, 2009

Alas, not today

Today, I really wanted to wake up, and get some coffee and write about something that made me smile, or laugh. Or might make you smile, or laugh. And, alas, that isn't going to be today.

I've always considered myself a guarded optimist. I'm naturally optimistic, but life events (as they do) sort of tempered that with a nice slice of anxiety. Thus I usually think things will work out, and then worry what I might do if they don't. It's fun! Not really...

There are days, however, (sorry again former awesome college prof for misusing the however-comma thing) when the entire optimist part of me has been so thoroughly mired in copious amounts of shit, that it needs a snorkel to get any air, and today is definitely ONE of THOSE days.

I decline to be specific, but you know chronic bullshit situations that make you, a seemingly kind and normal (!) person think about.....justifiable homicide? Or maybe about had you lived in Elizabethan England there'd be dead peeps by now? It's one of those things.

I'd really like to write a super funny blog about something silly that encompasses the human (or just the mom) experience. I can't do that right now. I hope that you will tune in later this week and that I've managed to find my optimism and general shiny happiness again.

If not, I will accept rum and cash in leau of good wishes.

Comments, questions, pessimism of thine own?