Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Phoning it in (again)

Okay, so yesterday's blog was hella-lame. And guess what? Today's is too! I have an assload of stuff I really need to do; and it's important stuff. I have to harass our health-insurance people into *shudder* doing their jobs, for one. I know! I'm so heartless. I also have to drag my tired self down to the basement where our torture room weight room awaits my pain and misery. And for the love of all things holy, it's also grocery day! Shoot me now. Wait, don't. God knows I have enough bullets flying in my general direction (that refers to YOU, Crazy Fence Guy!).

Tomorrow though I am anticipating MUCH humor fodder for Said Blog you are reading. I am planning to take the kiddos and my own asthmatic ass across town to an H1N1 (swine flu!) vaccine clinic. There are reportedly only 3,000 doses and over 400,000 people in the county who'd qualify as high-risk. It'll be just like waiting for concert tickets in the olden times! Only wayyyyy less fun. Or for you crazy kids who never waited for a concert-ticket lottery (after parking your covered wagon) it'll be like waiting for the Best Buy to open when a new gaming thingy comes out right before Christmas. Again, only wayyyyy less fun.

Don't worry, I'll save up all my awesome mental snap shots of hypochondriac moms and probably-already-flu-laden kids waiting in line for shots and all the kids crying because shots are freaking SCARY when you're a kid.... Oh it promises for one heckuva blog my friends. Stay tuned. That's tomorrow's excitement.

I must, however, make it through today first. Workout, grocery and lest I forget, Parenting (Buddhist!) Class. I know, stop the excitement, you can't handle it! Until tomorrow...

Comments, questions, phoning anything in?