Monday, October 26, 2009

Are you ready to par-tay Mr. Krabs?

Halloween 2009, round one! So it's Monday morning and I am just now sufficiently recovered from my weekend Halloween party bonanza. No, I wasn't Hungover, I just can't stay up until 2 am anymore. I am not a night person, we've discussed this right? I also can't be around copious amounts of cigarette smoke without having The Asthma flare up and be sucking on my inhaler like a kid with a lollipop. Sexy, no? Actually, no.

Because we are fucking rockstars awesome, we went to TWO different parties in ONE night. I know, crazy! My friend invited us along to the killer annual party thrown by her brother (whom I had not seen since I was probably seven years old). Their decorations were amazing and they had some seriously fantastic catered food. It was the kind of party I'd throw if I had enough money time for that sort of thing at my house. They had jello shots in huge syringes! Does it get better? I'll answer that with a resounding no! They also rented a photo booth. A real photo booth! (PS I will include a better scanned version as soon as I get one!)(Do you hear that Captain America??)

Then, we went to The Man's friend's party which was oh-so-conveniently located on the way home! They had decorated the entire garage like a dungeon, which was so much fun, I might make mine look like a dungeon all year 'round. I didn't drink anything there because they didn't have stupid girly options much but beer, although I did attempt something ivolving 7-up and Vodka. Yeahhhh, it was about as good as it sounds. Clearly I'm not meant to be a bartender, NOR a drinker. I just hung out and listened to people say various versions of "Dude, I LOVE your costume." Yeah well, who do you think did the hair and make up bitches? Sorry, I'm still a little bitter. Off with their heads I say! Off with their heads!

The next day I realized exactly WHY people with kids should NOT party like a rockstar until 2 in the am. I didn't get to sleep until around 3 or so and the kids were in our room to wake us up right about 7 am. I'll let you do the math, but I need at least EIGHT HOURS of sleep to function. Plus after breathing in the smoky dungeon, I was having lung issues too. Basically my entire Sunday was spent being a cranky, tired Crypt Keeper.

Because we're TOTALLY AWESOME parents though, we trudged on and took the kids to the Punkin' Patch. Look kids, ten dollar sandwiches and inflatable haunted houses, oh my! The kids were thrilled to pick out their exorbitantly priced pumpkins and ride the manure-smelling hay ride all the way back to the barn/cash register. Then, after we were totally broke, we headed for home, where I promptly collapsed in an asthmatic grumpy heap on the couch.

PS: Don't those flipping yellow jackets DIE after it frosts??? errrrrrrr.

Stay tuned this week for cool-ass things like Why I Am Secretly a Dude and more Halloween partying goodness.

Comments, questions, parties?


Aunt Becky said...

It's pretty awesome when you realize why us old farts don't go party anymore, eh? And by "awesome" I mean "depressing."

Sammo said...

Absolutely. Feeling that depressed calls for more rum. Or Vodka! You pick. ;)