Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Follow me....follow me wherever I may gooooo....

Alrighty, so I knew fame and fortune would take a little while. Waiting and I don't really get along, since we all know (by now, I mean really you can tell I have the attention span of a gnat. I don't even pay attention to mySELF) patience is a virtue that I. don't. have. So I've been diligently writing and posting and waiting for my fame and fortune to arrive - preferably via the US mail in a nice white envelope stuffed with cash and back stage passes. This hasn't happened yet. I know, right?

I did find a nifty feature through blogger that lets me keep track of my followers. So, feeling a little like Plankton (if you don't watch Spongebob, well, you should go watch it as soon as you're done reading my awesome blog) I immediately set about adding this feature so I could SEE all my followers. The problem? I don't have any. I know I have people viewing my blog - my stat counter tells me so, and my stat counter is as faithful and honest and loyal as my big retarded dog. Plus, according to my tech-savvy friend, stat counters won't record how many times *I* visit my own site - oh magical computer mojo, I never get tired of your mysteries! So, even if I stalk MYSELF like a 14 year old goth chick who secretly likes the quarterback, that stat counter won't even move. Thus, I know, SOMEone out there is reading this drivel blog.

Consider this your call up faithful handful of random readers! It's very simple, all you have to do is follow me, and then I will have followers and be fulfilled. Well not really, it takes a LOT more than that to fulfill me - but it'll be a start! I'm not sure if you will get updates when I post something new, but wouldn't that be nice? (I'm not in any position to complain about how technology works here people, for all I know, there are tiny twinkly fairies living inside my computer, and as long as there's enough pixie dust to keep it working, I could care less. For that matter, it's how I feel about my car - I wouldn't care if 60 flippin' unicorns lived under the hood and made it run - just work, that's allll I care about.)

Anyway, I don't know what being my follower would do for you, but I know it would fill me with untold joy and excitement, and really, isn't that more important? I mean, fame and fortune could be mine (and yours! who knows!) but only, yes ONLY, if you follow me. Muahahahhhhhhaaa...

Questions, comments, words of wisdom for world domination?