Sunday, August 30, 2009

You are blog gold!

I am stealing the idea from the dude who goes around to drunky drunk-fests and puts idiots on television, then gives them a t-shirt saying "I'm tv gold!" Remember kids, good artists borrow, GREAT artists steal. That line is from T.S. Eliot. Bam! I'm great!

So without further ado, I'd like to intro the 'blog gold' members, picked carefully from among the thousands at race weekend....

1. 40-something lady with pigtails, hot-shorts, knee high black bobby socks, sporting a bruise the size of a dinner plate on the back of one thigh. You can't pay for a look like that.

2. The bald shirtless dude who was packing so much man-love around his middle I thought he was going to drop to all fours and have a BABY in front of the Pit entrance.

3. The plastic surgery Alien Face (see my post!) girl brave enough to wear a mini and pose in front of real other humans. I commend her. After calling her a hot tranny mess, of course. (Sheesh but not to her FACE, come on, I have a heart!) (Besides, I don't want to be identified as a troublemaker when the Aliens invade.)

4. The 20-something lady who walked by wearing all lace. A black lace dress, lace hose, and lace gloves. I think she took a wrong turn somewhere at a Madonna concert circa 1987.

5. The funky Europeans, just well, all of them. God love ya' and your weird floppy hats, shoes you can't buy in the states, and odd sense of plaid.

6. The really really obese lady I saw wearing the "Fit Flop" - stay tuned for a blog on THAT subject. If you're hoping a wedge-shaped flip flop will help you drop 20 pounds, I have a bridge for sale - please call!

7. The couple I overheard fighting - hey, it wasn't us this time! woo! score.

8. The creepy ticket-holder sellers, because really, hitting on everyone 30 years younger than you are is just awesome, and a righteous way to sell plastic ticket holders!

Hmmmmm, I'm sure there are more Blog Gold members, but my total lack of sleep over the last three days is catching up with me, along with a nasty end-of-summer cold. I must bid you a fond, fond au revoir for now my Bloggies.... as always, till next time...

Questions, comments, points of rebuttal....