Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's my prerogative

Okay I'm hoping that all you Bloggies (like Trekkies but less likely to show up at conventions wearing intense home-made costumes) are also hearing Mr. Ex Whitney Houston singing that song circa 19 aught whatever-the-hell. Synth drums and... it's my PERogaTIVE, I can live how I wanna live.... you're welcome.

So I thought I'd just get this out of the way, lay down the law so to speak - I'm not going to deal with nasty negative comments! See, I am new to having a public blog, but on my way to faaaame and fortune (said with the super intensity and utter conviction of my 4 year old saying she wants to be a princess/rockstar/fairy/ballerina). Once I achieve said fame and fortune, I can then refer to this blog and say, see all you nasty Hating McSucks, I told you that I wouldn't respond to your snarky crap comments!

It's my blog and you don't have to be here. If my position on parenting, swearing, freeing Tibet and/or unashamed delight in putting whip-cream on frozen drinks bothers you, well go read someone else's less awesomely famous blog! I'm laying it down right now, paving the way as it were. I know I'm not famous or rich YET bloggies, but someday, someday I'll be writing to you from the deck of the S.S. Kickass in the middle of the Med (that's what we rich and famous call the Mediterranean, and no, I couldn't actually locate it on a map thanks) and you'll all say wow, I remember that blog when...

Clearly it's important NOW before all the adulation and autograph seeking. Why, yes I might be having a coffee-induced hallucination but you know what, suck it, get your own mug of trippy coffee! And if you don't have anything nice to say, feel free to post it, but my legion of bloggies will destroy you.

They say I'm crazy, but I don't give a damn..... it's my prerogative! Questions, comments, points of rebuttal?