Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's been.....two years?

I remember setting up my blog. I swear I do. I don't remember typing any of the last post, but I'm assuming that I did, namely because I mention green jell-o (ahhhh that last resort of married life) and only my sister in law might mention green jell-o with such cockle-warming fondness.... But I digress, I am sure I wrote it, despite my total lack of memory of such a deed.

I spruced it up, after two years it needed some housecleaning. I changed the blog name because Green Jell-o ANYthing is bound to make me smile, and I changed my colors because it's fun!

So here I am. New(ish) blog, venturing out into the 'blogoshphere' - which frankly sounds like something not even CLOSE to as cool as the holodeck and if you don't know what THAT is, we can no longer be friends.

At any rate. I'm baaaaacck. Go into the light, the light! Ahem. Sorry.

I will write as much as I can because there are words forcing their way out of my brain at any given time. I have small kids. They want attention. They want fruit snacks. I can't do everything, but I can throw packets of fruit snacks at them, turn on Spongebob and have one blessed half hour to write meaningless drivel and slap it up in the (insert spooky hollow-sounding voice) BLOG-O-SPHERE!

Here I am Blogosphere, embrace me! Or just don't crap too much upon my upturned smiling face...