Friday, September 21, 2007

Who reads these things?

I don't know who reads these blogs out there. I hope someone, or I guess I can pester friends who have desk jobs.... "Hey, hey, seriously, you're on the computer anyway, why don't you just read my blog and comment or something! Make it look like I have friends!"
Not that I would do that.... then again if you read any comments that sound suspiciously like the person might know me in real life, or might say, have even been at my house moments before, don't hold it against me.
Basically I write to stay sane. I wrote my way through college, mostly in lit classes with a lot of poetry classes thrown in because I have a short-attention span. I actually don't hate my poetry but I don't think I'll be knocking old Bob Frost off the shelves anytime soon either.
So here is the thing; or things rather, I have two small kids whom I utterly adore. I have a husband too, and I'd say I adore him but there are days I could kill him too. My friends know when I threaten to make "green jello" it's one of THOSE days - the jello being a creative way I heard about a woman killing two husbands - the green covered up the antifreeze she added. See, if she'd just stuck with killing the one husband, she'd be home free. Killing TWO husbands, well that's just sloppy. I have a teenage stepdaughter who lives here, sometimes; by that I mean she is SUPPOSED to live here, but she's already found herself a soulmate and she's always at his apartment and gross gross gross, etc etc.
I won't try to present myself like I'm perfect, with a perfect family and a doting husband. Nope, this family is all drama, all the time. But it's entertaining; if not for me, then at least maybe for me after I write about it. That's my intro. I have no idea who will see this but stay tuned because I'll be writing....